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Let Primax Tell You What Is Fiberglass Doors

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Fiberglass doors (also name Glass steel doors) and windows were called after international wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows of the fifth generation of products, it is Aluminum Alloy solid, and insulation, anti-corrosion steel doors and windows, more of its own unique characteristics: colorful, beautiful, fashion, in the sun without expansion, no shrinkage in winter cold, no metal strengthening, aging resistance, buildings with the same life (about 50 years). Glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows of the unique structure of the material, so that it has a certain excellent characteristics.

Fiberglass DoorsFiberglass DoorsFiberglass Doors

PRIMAX fiberglass door products have high performance and unique wood grain skin. These doors prevent from dent, rot or rust in most severe weather conditions. New technology protects against water infiltration on all sides of the door. eliminating warp, Corrosion,rot, delamination, mold and mildew. Welcome to contact us: